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But what, exactly, do they mean? And how do you find a good one? A founder is a person who comes up with an idea and then transforms it into a business or startup. Founders can set up a business on their own, or they can do it with others. For example, Larry Page is a founder of Google. If a founder sets up a company with other people, they are both a founder and a co-founder. Co-founder is a term that exists to give equal credit to multiple people who start a business together. A co-founder may be part of the vision of a startup from the get-go, or they may be brought on very early by the original founder because they have skills the founder is lacking. For example, the founder may have design skills, but no engineering skills.

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When Harvard Business School professor Noam Wasserman studied 10, startups for his book The Founder’s Dilemmas , he discovered that 65 percent of them failed for the same simple reason: co-founder conflict. That means choosing the right person to start your company with is one of the most consequential decisions you’ll make as a founder. And getting it right is obviously hard, a fact startup insiders like Gloria Lin know well. The first head of product at Flipboard and the first product manager at Stripe , Lin spent years at mega-successful, fast-growing companies before she decided to found her own startup.

All that experience meant she was well aware of how much can go wrong between co-founders. She chronicled the whole process in an in-depth First Round Review interview I discovered the piece as part of their stellar round up of ‘s best advice. If you’re on the hunt for a co-founder it’s well worth a read in full, but perhaps the most useful part of the article is a free PDF offered as an add on. It contains 50 questions, divided into seven buckets representing key aspects of the co-founder partnership, that Lin used to winnow potential co-founders and avoid misunderstandings down the line.

She explains she dove into this detailed questionnaire only after first ensuring a basic personality and interest match and playing around prototyping ideas for a couple of weeks. If you’re at that stage or hoping to be there soon you can download the full list , but here’s a small taste of some of the more useful and unexpected questions:. What’s the worst interpersonal conflict you’ve dealt with? How did you handle it? For how long?

FounderDating: How I Found My Co-Founder

I took the role of full-stack developer, lead DevOps guy, and CTO and wrote the foundation of the software. I had a small salary and a solid equity position as a member of the three-person founding team along with a CEO and a lead product designer. A year later, as the company found its business model, I left the company. This was largely due to frustration across the founding team with the manner in which a Lean startup project develops and matures into an MVP, and how that applies to the development team.

The roots of the problem were in my inability to adjust to pivots, and to effectively participate in both 10,foot project planning, and the micro-view required for coding.

Finding a technical co-founder is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. The CEO of ZipRecruiter talks about looking for “we” people. takes is one reason finding a co-founder is so often referred to as “co-founder dating.”.

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The long nights, the 7-day work weeks, the financial and future uncertainty are all part and parcel of their lives, particularly in the beginning when the business has yet to take off. Some are right on the forefront with their spouses, whereas others provide their support in the background, without being actively involved in the business. Inertia Marketing is an 8-month-old marketing startup that covers everything from graphic design, media buying, social media management and event management.

He used to complain that I play with my mobile too much, but now during dinner he is the one constantly on the phone because he needs to attend to work matters. I am constantly inspired.

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My third venture was the most successful so far. I stayed with the company as CEO for two more years after the acquisition, and learned how to scale up the company from one of the best teams of Internet Managers in the region. LAVCA : What did you want to do differently or the same with this company based on your previous experience as an entrepreneur? Latin America has a bigger population than Europe, but much more homogeneous same religion, same language, similar weather, similar culture, etc so any technology that works in a couple of countries, will probably work in the rest with a small degree of localization.

The other very important thing I learned was to create a very strong Board of Directors early on to help us make better decisions. I focused on that since the start of Mi Media Manzana and today I can confidently say we have an amazing board. Are there certain roles that are harder to hire for than others? Overall, what are the biggest advantages to building a company in Peru?

The Myth of Founder Dating – Why a Technical Cofounder Might Be a Mistake

How do you identify and select the right person as your co-founder? Like a romantic relationship, your co-founder partnership needs some chemistry. But once the initial spark fades, you need to have built an underlying foundation. Long-term compatibility enables your co-founder relationship to survive the ups and downs of building a venture.

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With tech savviness starting before potty training it’s hard not to assume every child is one step away from becoming the next Jobs or Zuckerberg. However, a new study shows that middle-aged entrepreneurs tend to have more success than their younger peers. Procure a partner, of course. According to a Startup Genome report , the right co-founder can significantly increase your chances of entrepreneurial success.

The researchers found teams that paired a founder with business prowess and another with technical know-how secured 30 percent more funding, had triple the user growth, and were nearly one-fifth less likely to scale the business too early than teams in which either business or technical expertise was overrepresented.

But like most other successful team-ups, it took time for Fischer to find the right startup mate. Gaining the perfect co-founder for your startup will be just as essential to your success. Here are three tips to follow when looking for “the one”:. Finding a co-founder is a lot like dating, and that includes the impulse to slink toward similarities and common interests. For those with business prowess, this means finding a tech expert to shore up your interpersonal skills.

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Written by Andrew Askins and Laura Bosco. Finding a technical co-founder is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Because investors rarely invest in companies without any technical talent in-house, a technical co-founder plays a huge role in funding. They’re also critical to steering the ship, recruiting talent, and helping you stay sane. But finding a good, technical co-founder is far from easy, and the majority of companies are going about it the wrong way. Like every other aspect of building a business, finding a trustworthy co-founder takes time and work.

A technical co-founder is way more than a skilled programmer. They also own founder-level responsibility, such as building out the technical side of the business and setting the overall vision. A senior programmer is someone with at least several years of programming experience. They have opinions on process and architecture and can support these opinions with data and experience.

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