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Although Masonry is believed to be the oldest surviving fraternal organization in the world, the exact date of its founding is uncertain. Freemasonry can, however.

Snow would be opening MasonsOnly up to women Masons and appendant bodies, but Bro. Snow sees no the for that at this point:. We have to keep some semblance of regularity to know harmony among our members. We’re not marketing to appendant bodies either as the Shriners already have their own dating site. While we aren’t interested in opening membership up to women or other appendant bodies, we are working diligently to market this site to the Prince Hall brethren!

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Freemasonry is a fraternity. Its membership is restricted to men, but there is no hazing as is found in some college fraternities. The Masonic Order is a serious group. It exists to take good men and help them to become better men.

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By demanding that Christians take the Masonic oath, Masonry leads Christians into blasphemy and taking the name of the Lord in vain. The Masonic oaths definitely interfere with the Mason’s duty to his country! All products are fully customizable with your own words, names, message and photography. In the Anno Mundi era, this dating system is also known to some as the Hebrew calendar and is a Lunar calendar. You are a member of a Masonic lodge? An explanation of dates used in various Masonic bodies-Source MasonicDictionary.

Discussion in ‘The Refreshment Lounge’ started by melinda, Jan 7, Dating site and dating in general. Many Masons are curious as to the different dates used in Freemasonry. Why a masonic dating site? To put it just, Anno Lucis — in the Year of Light is its meaning. Is there a dating site for those who are involved in the Masonic of Organizations?

This dating system was first constructed by the Anglican Bishop Usher in , and was originally a Christian method of dating; it was adopted by Masonic Lodges at a later time. Masonic dating can be a challenge to keep track of.

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Variously known as Freemasonry, Masonry or The Craft, the beginnings of our fraternal organization in the world, the exact date of its founding is uncertain. and the Grand Lodge of Texas has contributed valuable service to our churches,​.

So let us begin. Help me understand why Freemasonry is not a religion? It offers no sacraments. Freemasons do not worship Satan. This is simply not true. Yes, we do use symbols to teach moral principles. And I read that the A.

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The site features general information on Freemasonry for those interested in those present and listed would have certainly been initiated at an earlier date.

There is a reason why your grandfather, father or uncle was a member and why there are tens of thousands of members in Australia today. Freemasonry holds many rich traditions dating back centuries, together with a moral code. It is still relevant today, as being a good bloke never goes out of fashion. Please send all membership enquiries by going to our Becoming a Freemason page. Inside a Lodge Room. What do Freemasons Do? Young Freemasons Network.

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Welcome to the website of the Worcestershire Masonic Library and Museum. Our Library and Museum possesses the finest collection of Masonic items in the English constitution, other than that belonging to the United Grand Lodge of England itself, which is housed at the Library and Museum of Freemasonry, Freemasons Hall, London. We were the first Masonic museum in the country to have achieved this level of recognition.

Masonic Medical Research Institute is empowering science for the development Stay up to date with our news and developments by clicking on the link below.

Basic searches can be carried out from all pages of Lane online by using one of the four search boxes at the top of the page. A search can be made for Keywords, which will search for words in the name or meeting places of lodges; Lodge name; Lodge number, which will search for any lodge that used that number and Serial Number. Serial Numbers are unique numbers that were allocated to lodges by the Library and Museum of Freemasonry to rank lodges in date order.

The results of a basic search will be displayed as a list of lodges that fit the criteria of that search. For example, a search for Lodge Number 2 produced this result, a list of lodges whose number was at one time 2. A lodge record begins with the current name of the lodge e. The lodge number is recorded in the brackets. Date of Warrant or Constitution: The year in which the lodge came into being by being granted a warrant by one of the English Grand Lodges. Warrant of Confirmation: Lodges whose warrant is lost or destroyed have to apply for a warrant of confirmation as a replacement.

Centenary Warrant: Lodges who are issued with centenary warrant have one hundred years of continuous working and their members are entitled to wear a Centenary Jewel. Earlier Lodge Name: A previous name of a lodge. Some lodges will have had a number of names over their history, so names are listed chronologically. The medal was first issued in

An Application Form for Scottish Freemasonry !!! This is what it look like !!!